Saplaya’s Charcoal and Aloe Peeling Mask


Combination. Barely sensitive.

Skin concerns: Skin redness, breakout, clogged pores



NAME: Charcoal Peeling Mask – Black, gooey, rubbery texture.  

       Aloe Peeling Mask – Transparent, green rubbery texture. Has tiny bits of aloe.

Company: SAPLAYA

This brand is fairly new, and I got the opportunity to try it out.

Check out the website for more information:

USE: This charcoal peeling mask works to unclog pores and their impurities, which helps leave Leaves a smooth, exfoliated, and blackhead free skin

The aloe peeling mask works to exfoliating, refining pores, and controlling excess oil.

Packaging: Single use package.


Size: 10ml/0.3 oz

Price: $ 1


Tested it out on the top of my hand before using them


  1. Make sure to wash and dry face thoroughly before using it.
  • I prefer to ‘facemask’ at night after my day and my shower. That way, my skin has time to rest, rejuvenate before seeing the sun or applying other cosmetics the next time I leave the house, and it feels so relaxing to go bed right afterward.
  • If it is for a special event try to apply the mask 1-2 days prior to the date.
  • Pull back hair away with a hairband from the face because it will help keep it from getting messy or sticky.
  • Not a huge deal if you use your clean hands to apply the mask, but I would suggest using a face mask application brush.
  • Avoid applying too close to the hairline, eyebrows, eye, mouth (Trust me it can get messy and harmful). If you mess up, wipe it with a semi-damp cotton pad right away.

2. Apply a generous amount because there is more than enough in the pack and it is supposed to go thick.


  • I suggest you do it with someone and take photos. Laugh at each other. Rest and relax for 20-30 minutes and if you can’t stay still, multitask doing foot packs, use a massage roller, watch a movie and (you will gradually feel the mask getting tighter)

3. Start from the outer edges, pull very gently and slowly—to avoid inflammation or irritation. Just enjoy the oddly satisfying act of peeling it.


4. After removing it, wash face with water for the remaining bits—only wipe water that is dripping off the face with a face towel—pat the rest of the wet face dry




5. Move on to the next step of your skin routine if you want. (like cream or mist) Feel your skin, feel satisfied and go to bed


DURATION:  30-40 minutes. The preparation took 5 minutes, application of the product and waiting time was another 22 minutes and peeling it off and washing the face too another 5 minutes.

EFFECTIVENESS: After the mask, I could see a difference in my skin. What I really liked was waking up with my skin feeling fresh and light. My skin absorbed skin care products and cosmetics much better. It was no longer clogged or flaky (from dead and dry skin). I just had to make sure to moisturize right after washing the face.



  • individual packs make it easy to stick it into a bag.
  • The steps were easy to follow.
  • It didn’t feel too thick or uncomfortable to use. It was also very easy to feel. 
  • The cost for one pack is $1 which is pretty cheap.
  • My skin did not feel irritated afterward.


  • The charcoal one did not have a strong smell, but the aloe one had a hint of a slightly strong scent at a start and it disappeared.
  • Can get messy if you don’t take your time.
  • You may look a bit funny for a while



To purchase or to find more information, please visit:

https: //


Thanks for reading my post. Comment below for any questions!


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